VIRE  1944-2004

Soixantième anniversaire du débarquement

29eme division d'infanterie

Vire, Cote 203
Porte Horloge
Vire 1944
Burcy, Chênedollé, Viessoix

Cote 203, 7 juin 2004 :
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Porte Horloge :


Vire 1944,
  Les témoignages en 1984 sur Vire FM
(Roger Donval, Alphonse Savey, Jacques Poret...)
Vire 1944,
Le témoignage de Pierre Janvier

Vaudry, Arthur Papworth

On the Schoolhistory Forum , March 24th, 2004 :

" This morning, at my home, there was 2 english couples, coming from the Fens
 One of their uncles, Arthur Papworth, was killed in Vaudry on August 1944 ; he is buried in the village cemetery (no in a war cemetery), and the local authority pays a gardener to flower the tomb. At this moment, it is all in yellow, with daffodils, one of the colours of his regiment. The local school is named after him".

"His life : a beautiful memory
His death, a silent grief"

The tomb :

The village church and the cimetery (Arthur Papsworth 's tomb is in the middle, just behind the wall):
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